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White Water Rafting 

WWR Is in a Inflatable raft of 6-8 people in each raft with a guide sat at the back of the boat giving you instructions to paddle forward or backwards. you head downstream in-countering rapids rock slides and small drops. 

What is White Water Rafting? 

Where do we go white water rafting? 

South wales is home to some of the best white water sections in the UK. We use the river Tawe in south wales that goes between Abercrave and Swansea. this has some rock slides and small drops.  

What you need to bring 

Swim gear to go under your wetsuit
Shoes old trainers are best (we can sell wetsuit boots for £25 a pair)
Towel for after the activity
Spare clothes this is important to change into at the end of the activity 
Lunch if you get hungry on the way 
Yourself! ​  

What we will provide 

Wetsuits this will keep you warm 
Buoyancy aids this will keep you afloat 
Helmets this will keep your head safe 
Kayaks this will give you loads of fun 
Paddles this will let you move forward 

Instructor they will deliver the best activity day 

How long is the Session?
The session is about 5-6 hours long depending on group size. This includes meeting the instructor, changing, the safety brief. You will get at least 4 hours on the river.

Group sizes

The minimum group size for this activity is 6 people.  

How much is it? 

£70 per person 

Similar alternatives  

£50-£70 per person 

£50-£70 per person 

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