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Jumping in the river on an experience day
Jumping in the river on an experience Gorge Walking day

Is Adventure Good For You?

Yes, absolutely! There are loads of benefits to getting outside and putting yourself safely into a situation outside your day-to-day comfort zone. Some of the ones we see every week include:

1. Boosting your energy and raising your spirits by doing something unusual


2. Getting an endorphin buzz from the excitement and challenge


3. Facing your fears and realising you can achieve more than you thought

4. Feeling truly alive in the great outdoors


5. Getting away from your familiar habits and routines into unchartered waters (literally)


6. Transforming your view of your limits and building your confidence


7. Finding your ‘real self’ again, maybe for the first time since childhood


8. Getting out of your head and into your hands


9. Strengthening connections with friends and family members


10. Experiencing ‘flow’ – being absorbed in an activity - putting everyday worries in perspective


All of the above boost your mental and physical wellness – building your resilience to cope better in hard times.

Come canyoning with our professional, positive staff who will safely guide you in amazing outdoor environments to experience a great adventure at a level tailored to your requirements – nothing too difficult or too easy!

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