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The 8 Waterfalls of Brecon Beacons Waterfall Country  

Explore Sgwd Ddwli Isaf: Waterfall Country

Searching for a breathtaking waterfall adventure in the Brecon Beacons? Sgwd Ddwli Isaf offers this and much more, featuring accessible trails and beautiful scenery. Wander through its woodland paths and capture stunning photos at this hidden Welsh gem. Plan your visit to Sgwd Ddwli Isaf  for a serene experience with nature's beauty.

Sgwd Ddwli Isaf: Waterfall Country Wales
Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf Waterfall in South Wales

Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf

Planning a visit to Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf? Nestled in the Brecon Beacons of South Wales, this stunning waterfall is a must-see in Waterfall Country. Experience the excitement of discovering this lesser-known gem. Prepare for an unforgettable encounter with one of Wales' natural wonders.

Sgwd Einion Gam

Standing at an impressive 26 metres, Sgwd Einion Gam is the second tallest waterfall in the breathtaking Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. Located upstream from Sgwd Gwladys, this awe-inspiring cascade is a must-see for adventurers and nature lovers, with water plunging through the air with immense force.

Sgwd Einion Gam Waterfall in South Wales
Sgwd Gwladys Waterfall in South Wales

Sgwd Gwladys Waterfalls

Sgwd Gwladys, also called Lady Falls, is an enchanting 11-metre-high waterfall with a plunge pool along the Afon Pyrddin River. This stunning cascade is beloved by visitors and is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in the famous Waterfall Country of South Wales.

Sgwd Uchaf Clun-Gwyn

Sgwd Uchaf Clun-Gwyn is a magnificent waterfall located in the Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales. This striking cascade is a highlight along the Four Waterfalls Walk, a popular hiking trail that takes visitors on an enchanting journey through some of the region's most breathtaking natural beauty.

Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn Waterfall in South Wales

Sgwd y Pannwr 

Sgwd y Pannwr, a notable waterfall in Waterfall Country, can be found along the Four Waterfalls Walk. This 30-foot cascade features a deep pool at its base.

Sgwd Uchaf Clun-Gwyn Waterfall in South Wales

Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn 

Tucked away in the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales, Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn showcases the area's natural beauty. Known as the "lower fall of the white meadow" in Welsh, this impressive waterfall is also referred to as the Lower Clun-Gwyn waterfall.

Sgwd y Pannwr Waterfall in South Wales
Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall in South Wales

Sgwd yr Eira

The enchanting Sgwd yr Eira showcases the area's natural beauty. Translating to "waterfall of the snow" in Welsh, this remarkable cascade earns its name from the misty spray that resembles delicate snowflakes, especially in winter.

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