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Sgwd Gwladys Waterfall: An Enchanting Experience

Sgwd Gwladys, also known as Lady Falls, is a captivating 7-metre-high waterfall site featuring a plunge pool along the Afon Pyrddin river. This enchanting wild cascade is one of the most accessible waterfalls in South Wales' famous Waterfall Country, making it a beloved spot for visitors.

The Journey to Sgwd Gwladys

Your adventure to Sgwd Gwladys begins at the village trail head in Pontneddfechan. Cars can be parked in the town, with a number of vehicle friendly areas available. From here, it is a leisurely 30-minute walk along the length of the scenic riverside Elidir valley trail. The trail entrance, located behind The Angel pub and restaurant, offers a fairly level path suitable for most visitors, though it can be muddy in places so wear walking boots in rainy weather.

Upon reaching a minor branch trail just before the river crossing, you’ll get a stunning view of Sgwd Gwladys. Many choose to cross the bridge and descend the path to the base of the falls on the opposite bank, immersing themselves in the beauty of the cascading waters and the surrounding nature.

Seeking a More Immersive Experience?

For those wanting to dive deeper into the adventure, consider a canyoning trip that involves swimming through the river and behind the waterfall. Alternatively, our family-friendly gorge walking experience offers another exciting way to explore the area.

The Return Journey

The return trip offers an alternative route along the opposite side of the river back to Pontneddfechan. This path is more challenging, with steep sections and steps that may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with mobility issues.

Further Adventures

For those craving more exploration, the Elidir trail continues past several other enchanting waterfalls, offering plenty of opportunities for descents into cold open water swimming in the mountain streams before eventually reaching the Pont Melin Fach site. However, the terrain becomes steeper and more uneven after Sgwd Gwladys, requiring more physical exertion and caution with this increased difficulty.

Sgwd Gwladys Trail

Sgwd Gwladys invites you to embark on a journey of discovery amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Waterfall Country. Whether you're drawn to the cascading waters or the tranquility of the surrounding woodlands, a visit to Lady Falls promises an unforgettable experience in Wales's natural beauty.

South Wales

Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea are vibrant, eclectic cities rich in culture and within easy driving distance of Waterfall Country. From students to families to retirees, there are shops, parks, leisure venues, and events for everyone. Enjoy city life to the fullest or relax with artisan food and drink in our green spaces, city arcades and nearby coast.

National Park

Established in 1957, the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, UK, aims to conserve the living landscape and provide enjoyment to visitors with its wide range of walking trails, rivers, and stunning views. Geological forces have shaped its valleys and peaks, creating an exceptional natural environment to explore. Dogs are usually welcome with walkers on most routes, and must be on a lead in some sign posted areas. Learn more about the park's rich history after walking in this beautiful area in the free Visitor Centre at Mynnydd Illtyd Common.

Elider Trail Walk  

The Elidir Trail takes you through Waterfall Country, passing four waterfalls: Sgwd Gwladys, Sgwd Einion Gam, Sgwd Uchaf Ddwil, and Sgwd Isaf Ddwil. We offer a guided day walk that includes both the Elidir Trail and the famous Four Waterfall walk, which takes about 6-8 hours to complete.

Best Time to Visit

We recommend visiting in autumn when the rain raises river levels, making the waterfalls even more spectacular. Be cautious as the routes can get muddy and slippery, but there are plenty of rocks and stones to provide extra grip, so it is suitable for groups having a reasonable level of fitness. Enjoy the beautiful views of mountains and gentle hills, relish exploring the countryside and outdoors scenery. Join us on a guided walk with likeminded people for maximum enjoyment of the area and a great day out.

Guided Walks With Beezra Activities

Book adventure activities, including a guided walk of the waterfalls, with Beezra, to safely access a beautiful world of woods, rivers, and wildlife. Visit our website, Four Waterfall Walk | Beezra Activities, to discover a wide range of adventure ideas for spring, summer, and autumn, whatever your abilities. Join us as we offer a combination of guided walks, canyoning, kayaking, and climbing, with various accommodation options. Contact us for advice and to plan your perfect adventure with groups of friends and family.

Other Waterfalls in Waterfall Country

Other waterfalls on the four waterfalls walk are

Elidir Trail 

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